Here at Transporter Engineering we offer a wide range of vehicles solutions starting with 2 car transporters up to 12 car transporters. Sectioned into the following ranges. 

  • The Juno range offering solutions between 2 and 4 car carrying capacity. The Urban Rigid has vast options starting at 4 car capacity progressing to 8 car. Both the Juno and Urban Rigid offer options with Salvage and ELV including winches and spec Frames. Recommended to run on a 16-18tonne chassis.
  • The voyager semi-trailer is an excellent product carrying 7 cars (6 4×4’s) offering the diversity of running a standard tractor unit with it. Recommended to run on a 26tonne chassis.
  • The final two products that we offer the are our sister products the EVO8 and Odyssey range. Options available in 10,11 and 12 car capacity.

All vehicles are manufactured to our customer’s specifications and industry standards to ensure customer satisfaction. We are constantly working in conjunction with our customers and major car manufacturers alike to test load and develop our products so that we may offer the best affordable vehicle for the UK Car Transporting Industry.

Our vehicles have been tested and approved by the Vehicle Certifications Agency and meet all current UK and EU legislation, alongside this we have close ties with all the truck Manufacturers such as Volvo, Scania, Mercedes Benz, DAF, MAN, Iveco.

Select any of the links below to find out more about the ranges that may suit you.

Transporter EVO8 - 2


Our flagship product the EVO, now in its eighth generation and has shown to be a strong, quality product loved by our customers throughout each of its evolutions. Read more…


One of the newest vehicles launched by Transporter Engineering, the Odyssey is a car Transporter offering an exciting alternative load configuration to the sister vehicle the EVO8. With options of a 10, 11 or 12 capacity this is a tried and tested product suitable for any fleet. Read more…

Voyager Range

Providing one of the most flexible solutions within our range the VOYAGER semi trailer is fierce contender to the larger products due to it’s flexibility and gained credibility by drivers. Read more…

Urban Rigid Range

The Urban Rigid is one of the most versatile products in our range, starting with a simple duel deck 4 car version right through to the 7 car version incorporating the ‘duck and dive top deck’ with options of a spec frame to increase to the maximum capacity of an 8 car carrier. Read more…

Juno Range

Our exciting offering of new small vehicles range from 2 car versions to the 4 car inclusive of spec frame. Suitable for new vehicle transfer, Salvage and ELV movements these vehicles offer a simple and effective solution for Urban movements and ad hoc deliveries. Read more…

Factory Rebuild

Factory Rebuild

Where better to get your TRANSPORTER refurbished and mounted onto a new chassis of your choice than at the manufacturing plant. Read more…