Transporter Warranty

Our pledge is to keep you moving.

In a perfect world, nothing ever goes wrong.  In the real world, things occasionally do.

The aim of our vehicle warranty is to ensure that in the event of a component failure of a Transporter Engineering body, your vehicle will be repaired with minimal disruption.

Your productivity is our priority, and we are totally committed to keeping you on the move.

At Transporter Engineering we believe that the production ethic behind a finished vehicle is every bit as important as the item itself. We are consistently striving to improve our design and manufacturing processes and facilitate this desire for increasing quality by stringently monitoring our breakdown and warranty figures.

TE believes in what we do and we fully reflect this by offering additional bespoke and wider warranty packages to suit your individual needs. Pricing is available on request by contacting a member of the Transporter Engineering team. 

To help our customers process warranty claims more effectively please complete the form below.

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