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Providing one of the most flexible solutions within our range the VOYAGER semi trailer is fierce contender to the larger products due to it’s flexibility and gained credibility by drivers. 

The VOYAGER semi trailer is derived from the successful and widely used EVO trailer giving you the peace of mind that it sits alongside other TE products you may already own. Renowned for it’s ‘simple to load’ strategy, if described in three words it would definitely be ‘fast, simple and flexible’ 

Once just used for training and dedicated trunking routes, this vehicle has now been widely accepted into most fleets as the ‘go to’ option when collecting mixed loads. With such a vast range of tractor units suitable within in the market it continues to be proven a popular choice throughout the country.

The voyager trailer comes as a 7-car configuration (6 4×4’s) with standard punched decking for new and used car movements. Uplift options of fully infilled decks and fully powered loading ramps are also available. 

The Voyager Salvage trailer comes complete with durbar decking throughout and winching capabilities.

Both vehicles come with hydraulic connections as standard with optional uplifts to electrical powerpack systems.

This popular model is always being manufactured and available to view at our site based in Gosfield, North Essex. Where onsite viewings are welcome. Contact us on the number below to arrange your viewing today.

Voyager S7 & Voyager 2 – Drivers Manual PDF

Isla Gill
Sales and Projects Manager
T: +44 (0)1787 273013
Standard Voyager
New Voyager 2

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