Transporter Quality & Inspection

Transporter has not only built its reputation on a strong, evolving design and a continuing process of listening to our customers’ needs and requirements, but it has also built on a quality of build and attention to detail at all levels of the manufacturing process.

It is everybody’s responsibility at Transporter to be ultra-critical about not only their own work, but any part they fit to a transporter to ensure that the final product is the best it can be before it arrives in the Inspection department and then collected by our customers.

All main fabrications, ramps and all paintwork are 100% quality inspected by our highly skilled and dedicated team members who give each section of the build a full and thorough inspection before it leaves each process area. It is then recorded and reported back to the guys so any lapse in quality at this early stage can be spotted immediately so it can be rectified and not repeated.

Our PDI centre is housed in its own bright and clean building, segregated from the production process, with the five man inspection team made up of highly skilled, dedicated and long serving members of the Transporter family. Following an in-depth 90+ point inspection routine the team do a full “fit, form and function” test, which includes, amongst other things, a full inspection and operations check on all moving parts as well as non-moving items, and a full and extensive Ghost loading routine to check every car position. Once completed and signed off, the paint is re-inspected, stickers applied, there is a Loler inspection and the brakes are signed off, it is then allocated with its chassis plates. Only when the Inspection supervisor is happy the vehicle will it be released to our customers.

Quality and attention to detail is what we do best.

Quality Inspection