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Transporter Engineering has a well-established spares business located on site at the Factory in North Essex. We welcome email, phone and walk in orders. Our contact details are listed at the bottom of the page, alternatively you are welcome to contact us via the chat option on this page or click WhatsApp to speak direct to our Parts Department.

In an increasingly competitive market, we recognise that the price is crucial and we will therefore ensure that Transporter will continue to provide a one stop shop for all your parts, whether you opt for genuine OEM supply or alternative high-quality aftermarket. We have regular offers on a range of parts, these are always advertised on our social media platforms.

To ensure easier access to our parts supply and to assist vehicle downtime, we are committed to significantly increasing our scope of supply by holding Transporter stock parts throughout the country. We are one phone call away from finding out the nearest location for these parts, call us today so we can assist you as quickly as we can

Our team of parts experts are always on hand to assist you and we welcome any opportunity to make the supplying of your parts faster than ever. If there are parts you want that we do not currently supply, let us know and we guarantee we will get them in for you.

You can download our parts manual (71mb pdf) for a comprehensive guide to our online parts, identification and ordering contact details. Customers can use their vehicle specifications to identify the parts diagrammatically by part number before making their order.

To place an order contact us on +44 (0)1787 273 000. where our team will be on hand to assist you, alternatively out of hours you are welcome to place your order at

Axle & Suspension

How to identify your Axle, Gigant Axle & Brake Parts, Gigant Suspension Parts, SAF Axle & Brake Parts, SAF Suspension Parts, SAE Axle & Brake Parts, SAE Suspension Parts. View PDF >

Braking Equipment

How to identify you Braking System, EBS E Braking System & Suspension, EBS D Braking System & Suspension, EBS E Braking System & Suspension for Voyage Semi – Trailer, OptiTurn System. View PDF >

Wheel Rims

Trailer Wheel Rims, SAF, Gigant, SAE. View PDF >

Hydraulic Valves

Types of Control Valve Blocks, Control Valve Blocks, Monoblock Valve Parts, Slice Valve Parts, Flow Divider & Check Valves, Rigid Valve Frame Assembly, Hydraulic Filters, Hydraulic Oil Tanks & Parts, Other Hydraulic Valves & Hydraulic Fittings. View PDF >

Hydraulic Rams

Introduction to Hydraulic Rams, Evo 8 & Evo 6 Rams, Evo 6 & Evo 5 Rams, Evo 4 & Evo 3 Rams, Plus 11 Ram, Voyager Semi-Trailer, 5 Car Rigid Rams, Plus 9 Rams. View PDF >

Lighting & Electrical

Location of Lamps, Lamps, Junction Boxes, Start/Stop, 5 Car Winch Remote, Other Electrical Items. View PDF >

Trailer Couplings

How to identify your Coupling, Rockinger 50mm Pin Coupling RO*500, Rockinger 50mm Pin Coupling RO*50, Rockinger 80mm Ball Coupling RO*KU*80, Rockinger 57mm Pin Coupling RO*57, VBG 57mm Pin Coupling VBG 795V. View PDF >

Lifting & Locking Mechanism

Guide to Lifting & Locking Mechanisms, Pillar Locking Mechanism, Ram Locking Mechanism, Chain Lifting Mechanism, Lifting & Sliding Arm Parts, Slide Block Nylons & Rollers, Chain Lube & Chain Gauge. View PDF >

Safety Handrail Posts & Cables

Handrail Posts & Cables, P Posts & Pillar Gates, Trailer Front Pillar Ladder, Other Safety Equipment. View PDF >

Instruction Labels

Universal Labels, Warning & Safety Labels, Weight Information Labels, Control Labels. View PDF >

Wheel Stops

Wheel Stop Locations, Peak & Semi-Trailer Top Deck Front Wheel Stops, Deck One & Two Wheel Stops, Top Deck Rear Wheel Stops, Scissor & Lead-on-Ramp Wheel Stops, Whale Ramp Wheel Stops. View PDF >

Wheel Arches

Standard Wheel Arch Assembly, Evo 6 Hybrid – Evo 8 Arch Assembly, Tag Axle Mud Wing Assembly. View PDF >

Loading Ramps

How to identify types of Loading Ramps, Fully powered Loading Ramps, Half Powered Loading Ramps, Manual Loading Ramps, 5 Car Beaver Tail. View PDF >

Tie Down Equipment

Straps & Ratchets, Other Tie Down Equipment, Sliding Ratchet Assembly. View PDF >


Winch Assembly, Winch Rollers, Winch Electrics, Winch Hydraulics. View PDF >

Trailer Accessories

Van plates, Side Steps, Decking, Pipe Tracking, Semi-Trailer & Landing Legs, Other Accessories, Height Staff, Chain & Multi Lube. View PDF >

Pneumatic Components

Piping Diagrams, Air Cylinders & Air Tank Assembly, Air Valves & Fittings
View PDF >

How to order

Process required for ordering the correct parts. Order Form >

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