Transporter Factory Rebuild

Where better to get your TRANSPORTER refurbished and mounted onto a new chassis of your choice than at the manufacturing plant.

Our Transporter factory rebuild are carried out under a controlled environment to a high standard and conform to an IVA N3 Goods Test examination. Each individual vehicle approval is awarded a necessary certificate to allow the vehicle to be used on the road within the UK. 

A whole host of extras and upgrades can be included with a ‘menu style’ price list to make your transporter as bespoke as your business is.

At Transporter Engineering you can feel assured that your factory rebuild is being treated with the same respect as a new vehicle, with factory refurbishments running alongside new products. The same care and skill is used to rebuild to the very high standards you would expect from a Transporter Engineering product.

We will be glad to take your call to discuss any available options open to you.

T: +44 (0)1787 478490
Transporter Factory Rebuild

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